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Core departments in listed companies
The securities department of a listed company is the window through which it connects with investors and the public, as well as the hub department for capital operations. The securities department may have different names, such as the board office, securities affairs department, or securities investment department. Today, let's take a look at the job positions, basic functions,
How to Cleverly Cope with Fishing style Interviews
As the board secretary of a listed company, we often need to deal with various media and investors, including some journalists or investors who prefer to use "phishing" interview techniques. This interview method often has a certain degree of inducement and trap, and if not handled properly, it can easily put the interviewee in a passive position. At the beginning of this article,
Core departments in listed companies
The following are some common promotion channels for the securities department: 1. Job promotion within the securities department. Employees can gradually advance from junior positions to higher-level positions through excellent performance and accumulated experience, such as from securities affairs specialist to securities affairs representative or securities department manager. 2. Cross departmental transfer: Listed companies usually have multiple departments and business lines
The industrialization rate of invention patents in Chinese enterprises has excee
invention patents for national high-tech enterprises reached 57.6%, an increase of 1.5 percentage points from the previous year and 19.5 percentage points higher than that of non-state high-tech enterprises.
Ten highlights of the revision of the Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law
Introduction of utility model obvious creativity review and appearance design obvious difference review
What is the disposal cost of fixed assets
Abandonment costs usually refer to the environmental protection and ecological restoration obligations determined by enterprises in accordance with national laws, administrative regulations,
How to distinguish between changes in accounting policies and changes in accounting estimates
Accounting policy change refers to the act of an enterprise changing the same transaction or event from the original accounting policy to another accounting policy. Accounting estimation change refers
What is a business merger?
Business merger refers to the transaction or event of merging two or more separate enterprises into a reporting entity. The result of a business merger is usually that a company gains control over one or more businesses.
What are the advantages of registering a company in Shenzhen
As a first tier city, registering a company and starting a business independently in Shenzhen clearly has many advantages. Both in current policies and in registering companies, this is the case. So, what are the benefits of registering a company in Shenzhen?
How to choose the type of company registration
The first consideration for registering a company is what kind of company to register. Some entrepreneurs are unaware of the type of company and do not know how to choose the type of company for their business. When providing registration services, the agency will inform customers to carefully
What are the risks associated with transferring a company's legal representative
What are the risks associated with the transfer of a company's legal representative? This is the topic we will discuss today. Before understanding this issue, let's first understand what a company's legal representative is and what its legal definition is
Factors affecting the fees charged by accounting agencies
When small and medium-sized enterprises are looking for accounting agencies, they may encounter various types of accounting agencies with different prices. So why do the prices of the same service items differ? What aspects can be considered as causing different charging standards for accounting agencies?
What is the formula for calculating capital preservation ratio
What is the profit margin of the main business
What is the formula for calculating capital preservation ratio
What are the contents of accounting projects included
Accounting items refer to various economic transactions and events that need to be recorded and processed in accounting. It is an important component of the foundation of financial accounting and has significant implications for the financial management and decision-making of enterprises. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the specific content and key points of accounting projects.
US company registration process
Starting a company in the United States is the first step towards realizing your entrepreneurial dream, but it also requires a series of steps and compliance procedures. This article will introduce you to the basic steps of registering a US company from scratch, helping you better plan and understand the process.
Paying service fees overseas: tax policies and compliance operations
Is the value of a tax accountant high
tax accountants have always been highly regarded. People generally believe that being a tax accountant is a highly valuable profession, but is this really the case? This article will explore the career prospects, salary benefits, and development opportunities of tax professionals.
What does it mean to pay wages and go through labor services
In modern society, it is normal for workers to receive compensation through labor. However, sometimes we hear some people mention "paying wages for labor services", what does this really mean? This article will answer this question for everyone and delve into the meaning and related operational steps of paying wages for labor services.
Emergency material inventory ledger
Emergency supplies are necessary items and equipment to ensure the normal operation of society in case of emergencies. In order to ensure the effective management and use of emergency supplies, it is crucial to have standardized entry and exit records. This article will introduce how to standardize the management of emergency material entry and exit records to improve emergency response capabilities and the efficiency of emergency material utilization.
Personal income tax final settlement in 2022
Interpretation of the Catalog of Industries Encouraging Foreign Investment (2022 Edition)
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